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I. My Journey into Law and to Beck & Sant

   From grade school on, classmates and teachers said I should be a lawyer-likely due to my "speaking up"  against injustices, and my writing skills, as well as my father having been an attorney. What attracted me to the profession, though, was working with others to solve problems.

   Initially, litigation was my primary focus, but early in my career, I joined the Bankruptcy Department of a bigger Firm and enjoyed handling more matters in court and focusing more exclusively on the critical issues, with quicker resolution, as well as the transactional component of the practice-plan of reorganization drafting, assets sales and acquisitions, etc.

   After gaining  "Bigger Firm" Bankruptcy experience, I sought to utilize the skills developed to handle more state and federal court cases, as well as transactional matters, outside of Bankruptcy Cases, through a smaller firm with greater contact with business owner clients and at favorable rates.

   While at our respective prior Firms, Steve and I crossed paths working for different clients in the Bakers Footwear case. I knew and greatly respected Steve's "boss" and mentor, Rob Blackwell and saw the energy and brain power Steve possesses. In 2021, the timing was right and we concluded after exhaustive study and market research (ok-at least a few minutes of consideration)  that our skills are complementary and we could deliver value to our clients and have fun doing so. So here we are.

II. Personal Background

   I am married and have an adult son and daughter. My wife and I are members of Immaculate Conception-Dardenne. We enjoy mountain biking, triathlons and occasionally, golf, as well as post-event comradery, including as members of 40K club, and current events.

   I also enjoy hockey (FMH) and tennis as well as serving on charitable boards periodically.

III. Education

  • Vanderbilt University School of Law (1985);

  • Princeton University (1982)-politics major; rugby


IV.  Matters I've Handled

A.  Large Chapter 11 Cases

  • Foresight Energy- Unsecured Creditors Committee Co-Counsel

  • Armstrong Energy -Unsecured Creditors Committee Co-Counsel

  • Briggs & Stratton-large, critical vendor creditor/committee member

  • Peabody Energy-large trade creditor/committee member

  • Arch Coal-large trade creditor /committee member

B.  Chapter 11 Debtor Representations

  • Bowling Alley operator selling business;

  • Local manufacturer of office products;

  • Commercial Real Estate Holding Company;

  • Construction Company;

  • Auto Dealer

  • Closed retail business selling real estate

C.  Chapter 12 “Family Farmer” Bankruptcy Cases

  • Large secured creditor;

  • Debtor sow farm and grower operations;

  • Secured agricultural lender in multiple cases

D.  State Court Receivership Cases

  • Construction Company

  • Commercial Real Estate Holding Company

  • Hog Farm Operator

E.  Out of Court Workouts/Wind Downs

  • Local Manufacturer

  • Passive investors in real estate holding companies

  • Roofing Company

  • Commercial building owner

  • Construction Company

F.  Lawsuits

  • Individual and business defendants in fraudulent transfer/successor liability suit;

  • Individual defendants, alleged recipients of fraudulent transfers

  • Plaintiff business  in breach of contract/fraud suit;

  • Plaintiff homeowners association in property damage/breach of contract  suit against insurer;

  • Plaintiff roofing company in breach of contract suit against insurer

  • Individual Defendant in breach of contract/ guaranty suit

  • Tenant in breach of contract/ lease suit


G.  Commercial/Transactional  Matters

  • Acquisition of event business;

  • Acquisition of roofing company through Uniform Commercial Code secured party sale

  • Acquisition of import business in Bankruptcy Case;

  • Sale of commercial real estate in Bankruptcy Case

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and sales;

  • Services contracts review/negotiation/drafting

  • Event contracts review/negotiation/drafting

  • Leases review/renegotiation/drafting

H.  Illustrative Prior Bank Representations

  • Primary outside counsel for Southwest Bank of St. Louis in Bankruptcy cases, loan workouts, Uniform Commercial Code secured party sales of assets.

(hint on my name: if you've seen me, I'm not tall-take away an "l"; if you know me, I'm not a saint-take away an "i")

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