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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


All materials on this website are provided by Beck & Sant, LLC for informational purposes only and do not contain legal advice, legal opinions or any other form of advice regarding any specific facts or circumstances. Communication of information through this website (1) does not create or constitute an attorney-client relationship, (2) is not intended as a solicitation to create an attorney-client relationship to provide legal services as to any particular matter, and (3) is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice, or to provide a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified attorney. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified legal counsel on your specific needs. 

Beck & Sant, LLC does not seek to represent anyone based solely upon a visit to this website or based upon advertising, or where to do so would not comply with applicable local laws and rules. This site is not an offer to represent you, and Beck & Sant, LLC does not wish to represent anyone in a jurisdiction in which none of our lawyers is admitted to practice or any jurisdiction in which this site does not comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules. 

Employing an attorney is an important matter that should not be based solely upon information provided by a website or advertising. Attorney practice and other descriptions, including attorney biographies, on this website may include description of successful client representations or outcomes in particular matters, however, the results portrayed are dependent on the facts of the particular matters described, among other variables. Results in any matter will not necessarily be indicative of results obtained in other matters. We intend no assurance and make no guarantee or prediction that we will be successful in new matters, even if they involve similar circumstances.



If you would like Beck & Sant, LLC to represent you, the best way to initiate a discussion about that representation is to call the firm at (636) 240-3632. Under no circumstance should you provide us with information pertaining to a matter without first speaking directly to one of our attorneys. For your own protection and that of our current and past clients, before we can agree to represent you we must first determine that doing so will not create a conflict of interest. Unless the attorney you contact says otherwise, please do not provide us with any more information than deemed necessary by that attorney to make an informed determination of whether we have a conflict of interest and whether to represent you in the matter. Unless the attorney you contact says otherwise, your provision of confidential information to us to allow us to make these determinations does not preclude us from representing a party adverse to you in the event that we do not enter into an engagement for an attorney client relationship. 

E-mail may be used to request an attorney to call you to discuss the possibility of establishing an attorney-client relationship. However, if you choose to contact one of our attorneys at Beck & Sant, LLC by e-mail for this purpose, please do not give us any confidential information in the e-mail. If you do so, we are not obliged to keep it confidential. 

If you are an existing client, please do not send confidential information by e-mail unless specifically approved in advance by your attorney. 

Please also be aware that any communication sent to us by e-mail may be intercepted by third parties who may be under no obligation to keep such communication confidential. Before sending any information, you should contact us to arrange suitable means to protect it.



Although Beck & Sant, LLC makes reasonable efforts to keep material on this website current, please understand that laws, regulations, other legal authorities and other information change quickly and may not be fully reflected on this site without delay. Therefore, you should not act upon any information on this website without seeking professional counsel. Beck & Sant, LLC makes no warranties, representations, or claims of any kind with respect to any of the information on this website, including without limitation the accuracy, completeness and suitability for any purpose of this information. Under no circumstance will Beck & Sant, LLC or any of its attorneys, employees, partners, associates, consultants or agents involved in the creation or delivery of the material on this website be liable to you or anyone else as a result of damages from your access or use of material on this website.



2022© Beck & Sant, LLC. You may use this material only for personal informational purposes. If you wish to use the material for any other purposes, you must have the express written consent of Beck & Sant, LLC to do so.



You may use this material only for personal informational purposes. If you wish to use the material for any other purposes, you must have the express written consent of Beck & Sant, LLC to do so.

  • You are prohibited from attempting to interfere with the proper function of this site.

  • You are prohibited from forging any email addresses.

  • You are prohibited from framing any content of this website.

  • You are responsible for all damages and costs resulting from these actions in any way and from any illegal actions involving this website whether or not enumerated here. If you have any questions about your obligations set out here, you should contact Beck & Sant, LLC to clarify your questions.

You must defend, indemnify and hold harmless Beck & Sant, LLC, its attorneys, employees, partners, associates and consultants from any claims, damages, costs and expenses resulting from your failure to comply with terms set out here. If you have any questions about this obligation, you should contact Beck & Sant, LLC for clarification.

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